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Posted by Sennin on July 14, 2014
The Indie Gala 'Every Monday Bundle' is now live featuring Rhythm Destruction and 6 other games starting at $1.49. Purchase now!
Posted by Sennin on June 16, 2014
Rhythm Destruction is now live on Steam with a 10% launch discount. Get your copy today! Visit Steam Store
Posted by Sennin on June 12, 2014
We've been busy the last week setting everything up for our Steam release and we're happy to announce that on Monday, June 16th we will be going live on Steam! It's a dream come true for the two of us and we can't thank you all enough. Our store page is now active and can be viewed Here

This weekend we'll be distributing keys to each of the bundles we've been a part of, so If you've obtained the game through any of them, you should receive an email with an activation key.

For other customers who have purchased through our website or by backing us on Kickstarter, we will personally be sending your key this weekend by email. If you purchased the game on Desura, you may have to wait a tad longer, we will be reaching out to them to figure out a way for everyone to easily redeem their keys. For anyone else we miss, if you legitimately own the game(via one of our giveaways or by purchasing) please send us an email at helpcuriouspandagames@gmail.com.

If you are a member of the press or run a YouTube channel and are interested in covering our game, please shoot us an email at curiouspandagames@gmail.com and we'll be happy to send you our press kit and a copy of the game(including any additional copies you may require for giveaways and such).

Once again, big thanks to all of you, we're super excited and hope you all enjoy the game!
Posted by Ruu on May 26, 2014
We are finally greenlit! We're really excited about getting Rhythm Destruction getting approved for steam distrubution and hard at work getting it ready. We'll be adding steam achievements and trading cards with the steam release as well as a couple minor requested features such as Playstation style controller buttons as an option.

We're currently looking at launching on steam on June 19th but that date could shift slightly. We'll have a more solid date in the next week. Thanks again for everyone who has supported us and we can't wait to share what we're working on next!
Posted by Ruu on January 29, 2014
Just added a small update that removes the need to input a key to create an online account. Some people had requested being able to make multiple accounts so everyone on the same computer could play without sharing an account.

We're around 70% to the top 100 on greenlight so with one or two more big pushes we have a chance to get on steam so everyone please help us spread the world, thanks! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92936348
Posted by Ruu on October 22, 2013
We're about to take down the servers within the hour to prepare for the patch and DLC update. They should be back up no later than midnight eastern time. *Edit* Servers are back up.
Posted by Sennin on March 25, 2013
In celebration of us finally shipping off our press copies(and already receiving some favourable reviews) we're marking off Rhythm Destruction by 40% for the next 24 hours. Be sure to grab your copy now for $2.99 if you haven't already! (Go to the store)
Posted by Ruu on January 23, 2013
Rhythm Destruction update 1.3 has been released! You can download the patch here. If you encounter any other issues please post in our support forum! We're currently working on 3 DLC stages that we hope to release as soon as possible which will feature a Tier 3, Tier 4, and our most difficult level yet in the form of a Tier 5 stage!
Posted by Sennin on November 21, 2012
Rhythm Destruction is now live on Desura. We've been quiet over the past few weeks as we've been setting that up and have had little free time otherwise. Regardless, patch 1.2 will be released this coming weekend and will include the new casual game mode, along with some other minor changes.

We've also begun work on our first 3 DLC stages which we hope to have out early next year. You can view the three tracks we've chosen here. All 3 tracks are done by a very talented artist called F-777 and we're thrilled to have his music in our game!
Posted by Sennin on October 24, 2012
Version 1.1 has been released, once you launch the game you will be prompted to update your client. Alternatively, you can download it here. I've posted the full list of changes in the forum. If you encounter any other issues please post in our support forum!
Posted by Sennin on October 17, 2012
First update has been released, and it addresses a few issues that have come up. There are still a few others that we'll be looking into in the next few days. The change log is as follows:

- Fixed an issue where some users were not able to log in
- Adjusted some of the point related goals to be more realistic
- Fixed a crash when trying to add friends
- Fixed a crash some users were seeing during the Land Of The Lost guardian
- Fixed a few goals associated with collecting power ups that were not working
- Made a bonus orb a little more visible during Esperanza
- Changed the movement path of the group of mines just prior the hyper section in Esperanza

The update requires the full version of the game to be installed, you can download the update HERE.
Posted by Sennin on October 16, 2012
Rhythm Destruction is officially live! However it's more of a soft-launch to give all of our Kickstarter backers a chance to try it out and report any bugs to us. The game is available for purchase through paypal though, you can click the "Buy now" button on the bottom left of this page. If you experience any issues please email us at support@curiouspandagames.com, or send us a message on twitter (@Ruugard, @cp_sennin) for a more immediate response.

There are a few bugs that have already been brought to our attention, and we'll be focusing on getting out a patch either today or tomorrow. Forum registration is also currently not working due to the captcha image not showing up properly, we should have that sorted later today. We hope you enjoy Rhythm Destruction, and please bear with us as we sort through these bugs!
Posted by Ruu on October 14, 2012
Only 2 more days until the launch of Rhythm Destruction! I hope everyone is excited as I am! Kickstarter backers will receive an email with their key as soon as we go live along with download instructions. We have made many adjustments and additions since the demo went live and I think everyone will be pleased with the changes. We are already planning some DLC stages that we will begin work on as soon as possible after launch. Get ready for Rhythnm Destruction!
Posted by Sennin on October 6, 2012
Our Kickstarter campaign wrapped up yesterday, finishing with a total of $2442. Big thanks to everyone who pledged and supported us! Surveys were sent out last night and we should be able to get everyones rewards out to them this October.

That brings us to the launch date of the game. We were planning on releasing on October 9th, but setting everything up is taking longer than expected. So for now we're pushing it back to October 16th, which also gives us some time to add more polish! We can't wait to finally get this game out to everybody!
Posted by Ruu on October 1, 2012
Just around a week left before Rhythm Destruction is released! Is everyone excited? I know I am. In the meantime, check out an interview I did with Technical Earth Syndicate. You can download the podcast on iTunes here or if you want, check it out on YouTube.
Posted by Sennin on September 28, 2012
Our Kickstarter goal has been reached! Thank you to everyone who pledged, and if you havent yet there's still 6 days remaining to grab a copy of the game(+more!). You can view the page here. We now shift focus to the release of the game, as we work on finishing up our to-do lists. We're currently aiming for an October 9th release.
Posted by Sennin on September 24, 2012
We've updated our demo build. Both stages have received some changes in design, and we've also added many new graphic settings and overall performance optimizations. We're hopeful this will solve a lot of performance problems that people have been experiencing. Click here to download it now.

We've also passed 75% on our Kickstarter with 11 days remaining. Please help us spread the word to achieve the final 25%!
Posted by Sennin on September 17, 2012
A 2-stage demo of Rhythm Destruction is now available! Click here to download it now. Please note that Norton Security will flag the installer exe and delete it, so you may need to disable it while you are installing. It does not flag the actual game exe though. Our Kickstarter has also passed 60% with 17 days to go! If you haven't yet, you can pledge as little as $5 and pick up a digitial copy of the game+3 free DLC stages.
Posted by Ruu on September 3, 2012
We are very excited to announce Rhythm Destruction will be available for purchase in October 2012 for only $4.99! In order for us to launch on steam we need everyone to go and show us some support at our steam greenlight page by favoriting and upvoting us. There you will find plenty of screenshots as well as our launch trailer and some game play footage.
Posted by Ruu on September 2, 2012
Congratulations to Anthony Conner "Ewok" for the winner of the first ever Rhythm Destruction tournament this past weekend at the Storm Fusion Rhythm & Fighting game tournament! Anthony will receive a free copy of the game and free DLC for life!

We had a great turn out and the feedback was excellent! We also received some great suggestions we will try to get into the game for launch or the first update. Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our booth!
Posted by Ruu on July 28, 2012
We have been hard at work finalizing Rhythm Destruction as of late. A few minor elements were redesigned from some feedback we received during our beta which has attributed to some of the delay before Rhythm Destruction's release. Right now we're planning on wrapping things up in the next few weeks and hope to launch in the next 2 months. Very exciting times are ahead. Look for more news in the coming weeks on where you will be able to pick up your copy!
Posted by Ruu on April 30, 2012
We submitted to IndieCade today so wish us luck! To celebrate we have created a new trailer which can be viewed in media section of our website or by going here to view it on youtube. Also here is an article from IndieGameMag.com discuessing the trailer.

We look forward to announcing a release date in the very near future and finaly getting the game out there for everyone to play and enjoy.
Posted by Ruu on March 9, 2012
We're hard at work on finishing up Rhythm Destruction still. Our team consists of 2 people, a programmer and an artist, and currently my work (the programming) is pretty much done. So I'm spending all my remaining time with the polish tasks we weren't able to get to until now. Sennin, the artist, is working on finalizing the last of the models/textures now as well as polishing up the levels we're going to ship with.
We still have a little bit of work left to do but we're getting closer and closer to going gold. Also, we're going to be entering into the IndieCade game festival sometime this month so that's pretty exciting. I cannot wait for everyone to play this game we have been working on for so long. The wait is almost over!
Posted by Ruu on February 13, 2012
Welcome to the new RhythmDestruction.com! We're extremely excited about how far we've come and we can't wait to get Rhythm Destruction out there to as many players as possible. We should be announcing the official release date very soon as well as some more exciting news.

In the meantime head over to our media section and check out the latest trailer and visit the contact page if you want to follow us on twitter or shoot us an email.
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